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Cambridge Audio readies Azur 851 Series additions for CES debut

The Azur 851E preamp and the Azur 851W power amp from Cambridge Audio

The United Kingdom Cambridge Audio is taking some new products to Las Vegas in January for the Consumer Electronics Show. Your current Azur 851A Integrated Amplifier Class XD and 851C upsampling DAC , CD player and preamplifier , which were released at CES 2012 , will be joined by three new brothers Azur 851 Series – preamplifier E, W power amplifier and D digital to analog converter . Azur 651 A power amplifier, Minx some bookshelf speakers and a powered retractable roof are also set to make his debut.

The power amplifier Cambridge Audio Azur 651W (front) power amplifier Cambridge Audio Azur 651W ( rear) The Azur 851A and 851C of AudioThe new Cambridge Azur 851D digital to analog converterView all existing
The preamp Cambridge Audio Azur 851e and Azur 851W power amplifier separates can be joined together to form a hifi . The 851e analog preamplifier has XLR balanced inputs and outputs, and what is described as a control circuit truly linear volume. The company says that the delivery of the drive signal is so pure that the harmonic distortion and noise are almost impossible to measure.

The Azur 851E preamp with the Azur 851W power amp

The preamplifier Azur 851e with Azur 851W power amplifier
The 851W is being considered the best sound amplifier Cambridge Audio , however , and has a blank screen that automatically detects the incoming signal 851e connected . Promises precise and powerful delivery thanks to the high-end components as a refined version of its patent-pending Class XD, two toroidal transformers and impedance buffers Terrapin modules . Available from January, the 851e is priced at U.S. $ 1,999 and $ 2.799 to 851W .

The Azur 851D DAC offers more dimension than the existing model 851C with digital inputs sufficient to meet the needs of high-quality audio from your computer , smartphone , tablet, and users of media streamer . Also available from next month , this model has been given a price of $ 1.649 .

Cambridge Audio Azur second power stage at CES, the two-channel 651W will also debut . This unit makes use of toroidal to what has been described as a low distortion , high power output with a constant signal quality without noise transformer transformers, and has two XLR balanced inputs and unbalanced RCA audio. It will cost $ 1,099 when it goes on sale in Q2.

The Minx XL compact satellite speakers

The compact satellite speakers Minx XL
Minx Line Company has not run out of CES party . The compact satellite speakers Minx XL is said to offer huge high-fidelity performance at an affordable price , which translates to $ 350 when available in Q2. The diameter of 80 mm , ceiling speakers feature high dispersion Minx C46 impressive technology that Cambridge Audio BMR Gizmag got to experience first hand , while reviewing the Minx Air 200 a few months ago . Listeners can enjoy deep, powerful bass and wider frequency response that can be offered by the speakers of similar size. This model will go on sale in January for $ 129 each.

All new hires will be on display at the Cambridge Audio booth at CES from January 7.

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